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Welcome to my “DISABLED VETERAN AFFILIATE” website. Being able to blog about helping disabled veterans is something that is near and dear to my heart.

“I am a Veteran”

My name is Joshua, and I am a US Air Force veteran who is also disabled. In fact, I am now medically retired with no prospects of returning to regular employment. However, I am building an online business that I can work at my leisure. For the first time in a long time, this is giving me some financial stability in my life.

I am not your typical writer or blogger. In fact, I started my excursion into the online world with a bit of a handicap. Let me explain what I mean.

A Little Back Story

Growing up, I developed a stuttering problem shortly after I began to speak. At first, it was just a minor affliction, but it worsened as time progressed.

The worse my “problem” became, the more abuse from other kids–and even some adults–I was forced to endure. I recall many instances when I wanted to say something, but couldn’t because I knew I would stutter and become the object of ridicule. Even in school, many times I knew the answer to a question but refused to raise my hand for fear of stuttering. Needless to say, my social life was almost nonexistent–save for some of my family members.

In spite of that, as long as I can remember, I have tried to look for the proverbial silver lining. When one is an awkward, shy, and verbally-challenged youngster, that is the only way to survive such an ordeal. My silver lining was this: I discovered that … if I made an effort to use proper grammar and enunciation when speaking, SOME people would ignore the occasional stutter. For me, that was a huge victory, because I was now motivated to learn and practice good English. I began to seek out and complete as many English grammar and writing classes as I could find. I also forced myself to take public speaking classes to assuage my fear of speaking in a group setting. Those were frightening times for me, but I am so glad that I did those things.

– United States Air Force

“I am a Veteran”

As a young adult in the US Air Force, I spent many years as an EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) technician. For the layperson, that is the military version of the bomb squad. One of my jobs was to give short explosive-safety training talks to various base personnel. As one might imagine, just the thought of having to talk in front of others was anxiety-inducing for me–to say the least. However, I forced myself to do it; after all, I was in the military–did I really have a choice? However, an amazing thing happened: I became increasingly more comfortable and at ease while giving those talks. While others in my unit looked for ways of getting out of having to give those talks, I had reached a point where I actually looked forward to them; even volunteering to replace others who didn’t want to do it. All the while, I continued to learn everything I could get my hands on about English grammar and writing.


Why I Want to Help People

Because of the challenges I faced–and still struggle with, I have an affinity for others (primarily veterans) who are financially challenged because of a disability. The last full-time job that I had was as a writing tutor at a local college. Tutoring was one of the most enjoyable jobs that I have ever had, and I truly miss it. Many years prior to that, I worked for a vocational rehabilitation facility for adults with disabilities. That was also very fulfilling and enjoyable work for me.

Thus, it seems that helping disadvantaged people to succeed is a joy that appeals to me. I want to help others with their writing because I truly understand the importance of accuracy in writing. And, I want to help those veterans with disabilities who are struggling financially to improve their ability to earn a decent income.


My Mission with DisabledVeteranAffiliate.com

I created this website to reach disabled veterans to help them to improve their financial footing.

Join the journey with me. Follow me. Ask me for help. Offer your own insight. Thanks for stopping by my “DISABLEDVETERANAFFILIATE.com” website and “listening” to my story. If you are a disabled veteran who is struggling financially, let me help you to improve your financial standing.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to address your concerns.

All the best,

Joshua Warren                                                                                                                                    DISABLEDVETERANAFFILIATE.com

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